15 Trampoline Fort & Tent Ideas for Kids (2023)

Updated 9/27/2022

Kids love forts. It’s their secret hideaway and activity center. Often, parents build these indoors. Children also love trampolines. Who doesn’t?

So, why not combine the two?

If you’re new to trampoline forts, this post contains some trampoline fort ideas that might interest you!

Trampoline forts have been sprouting recently. You may not have a tree to build a fort on for your children. But do you have a trampoline that’s lying in storage for years?

George Nissen invented the trampoline, but parents created the trampoline fort. Nissen would be proud today if he could see his invention evolve into something more than a tumbling device.

Getting kids to play outside is a challenge these days. It’s hard to get them away from their gadgets.

It also doesn’t help that companies make tablets for preschoolers and call these learning tools.

If you want to provide an alternative for children, build a trampoline fort. Depending on where you live, it can provide great fun for them all year long! 

How Do You Build a Good Trampoline Fort?

Begin with a purpose in mind for your trampoline fort. (Below are ideas.) Then, draw on a piece of paper your vision. You might forget details if you don’t.

Then check if your trampoline is still sturdy. Years of jumping might have taken their toll.

You could repurpose it right side up or upside down. Some have used it as a roof.

So, you can utilize it in at least two ways.

Your job becomes more manageable if you have a safety net around your trampoline. You can use old sheets as walls. Check your attic for old curtains.

Also, it would help if you had a huge sheet or canvas for the roof. Parachutes are also great as tops. Sunshades are expensive. Depending on the brand, these are at least $100 each.

Building your trampoline fort requires some construction knowledge and skills. Seek assistance if you’re unsure you’d do a good job.

You don’t want the walls tumbling down when the kids start playing!

How to Make a Trampoline Fort Without a Net?

In the absence of a safety net, you have to buy aluminum poles to build walls and a roof. Eight trampoline pole sets cost around $60.

These are universal poles that are compatible with all trampoline brands.

Also, there are canopy-like tents if you want to take that route. These cost around $200.

But, if you have sheets or other similar material, use these instead.

Whether you have a safety net or not, buying pre-built accessories may be a wise decision.

Keep in mind, building your trampoline fort is a means to an end. Your kids’ safety while having fun is your primary concern.   

What Are the Types of Trampoline Forts?

You may already have something in mind. The trampoline fort ideas below are the more popular ones.

But, of course, you don’t have to choose only one. You could build a trampoline fort that is versatile for different needs.  

So, let’s dive in!

The Sleepover Fort

This is perhaps the most popular type. It’s probably the easiest to set up after you build your trampoline fort.

All you’ll need to add are blankets, sheets, sleeping bags, cushions, pillows, etc.

Sleepovers often involve friends. But, it’s also excellent for families who don’t spend enough time together.

If everyone can’t fit in one bedroom, the trampoline fort just might be your solution.

Of course, your fort should have a sturdy roof that can withstand winds or even rain. It can get cold at night. Find thicker materials for walls.

Themed Fort

Children love to pretend they’re their favorite heroes. Maybe your kids would like to play as Disney characters.

Transform your old trampoline into Cinderella’s castle or a jungle from the Lion King. Your fort could be any building or scenery from their favorite movies.

Decorating will enhance their playing experience.

You can also decorate your trampoline fort to observe an occasion or a holiday. Halloween is a popular theme.

Hang the appropriate décor and let kids play in their costumes. Tell a ghost story or two in the evening.

Camping Fort

camping tent trampoline fort

Who says children can’t enjoy jumping and tumbling while camping? Sure, it’s not the same as being out in the woods.

But, a slight twist can add more fun to this backyard activity.

Again, there are tents now made for trampolines. 

Also, there are trampoline combos for sale that include canopies. But, you can repurpose your old tents for camping on a trampoline.

You might even be able to fit two or three!

The Reading Corner

Contrary to popular belief, kids still like to read. 

A trampoline fort is an excellent place for them to spend time on their favorite books. Also, they can share or trade comic books with their friends.

Many have fond memories of reading a newly released comic book with buddies in the privacy of a tree fort. So why can’t the same happen in a trampoline fort?

It’s also an excellent place to read to or with children. Away from distractions and noises from the TV, reading becomes a joy instead of a chore.

Get Out and Get Some Sun Fort

Children now are spending more time indoors compared to past generations. According to this study from Harvard Medical School, this is unhealthy. It’s not only adults that need sunshine.

The sun’s rays help create Vitamin D, which kids need too.

An open-top trampoline fort is one way of encouraging your kids to get some sun. However, you might have to compromise. So let the kids bring their gadgets with them.

Create a trampoline fort that’s appealing enough for the kids to come outside. Instead of staying in their rooms, kids might consider doing whatever activity they enjoy outside.   

Hangout Fort or Clubhouse

girls playing in trampoline fort

Your kids can learn to socialize in a trampoline fort. You can bet that not all their friends have something like that. While playing with others, they expand their horizons at an early age.

You can encourage kids to create a club of some sort. The trampoline fort can be their HQ. It’s a cool site for playing, pursuing hobbies, and making new friends.      

Make-Believe Fort

Your trampoline fort could be anything on a given day. Kids might like to pretend they’re on a starship or a pirate ship. They can use anything as props.

Help them out by adding cardboard boxes, pillows, toys, etc.

Letting children play pretend develops their creativity. Using their imagination, they improve their problem-solving skills, which become valuable as they age. 

The Planetarium Fort

Enjoy gazing at the night sky while listening to the sounds of night creatures. Tell your kids stories about the constellations while lying down comfortably on your trampoline fort.

There’s a story why that group of stars is called the Big Dipper and another, Orion the Hunter.

You might have to research what can you can see in the night sky above you. There are star charts or maps you’ll find on the web.

Or, you could invent names and stories. But, you want star gazing to be educational too.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see shooting stars or meteorites as they fall to earth. You can talk about space travel, which will more likely than not fuel their young imaginations!

Just be ready for questions. Someone’s bound to ask if there are aliens out there.

The Playhouse Fort

There’s no need to buy expensive playhouses. Instead, turn your old trampoline into a one-of-a-kind house for your kids to play in.

You might have to build or buy a ladder.

True, it wouldn’t look like a conventional playhouse. But, it can still be a fun place to play in.

The Virtual Classroom Fort

At first glance, a trampoline may not seem conducive to learning. But, you can easily mix education and fun if you do it right.

All you have to do is to minimize the “fun” things in your trampoline fort. Or, these could be rewards after a class or learning session.

All over the world, millions of kids are attending virtual classes. Because they’re stuck at home, they can’t interact with teachers and others in the way they’re accustomed.

You could invite other kids to attend classes, as long as it’s allowed in your area.

Creating a different environment for learning can be beneficial. Parents often dedicate one room for learning.

But, why not a “place” outside the house? It can be like going to school that’s a stone’s throw away.

The Toy House

Are you tired of all the toys cluttered around your house? A trampoline fort is a place where your kids can play for hours.

Okay, some toys may not work well on a bouncing surface. But, kids learn to improvise, and they’ll always find new ways of playing with these toys inside the trampoline fort.  

If it’s well-protected from the elements, you can place a storage bin in your trampoline fort for toys. You can also assign a container for each kid.

Many people suggest that you can turn your trampoline fort into a ball pit. It’s fun, but you will need many balls, though.

Remember, you’ll need to clean each one thoroughly.

The Children’s Fun Gym

Jumping on the trampoline can get old after a while. Adding other activities might do the trick.

So, transforming your trampoline fort into a gym is an excellent idea.

As suggested by the fort type above, kids can enjoy more physical activities inside their gym.

Of course, children love running and chasing each other. If the weather isn’t cooperating, they can spend all that excess energy in your trampoline fort.

Also, you don’t have to worry about things breaking when kids play with an exercise ball, for instance.

A trampoline fort may not always be wide enough or tall enough. But, kids can have fun with one-foot hops, bear crawling, and crab walking.

You can encourage them to try skipping rope on a trampoline as well!        

The Game Fort 

This isn’t your typical video game room. It’s mostly board, cards, and similar games for families.

Place a whiteboard, which kids can use for different purposes, including Pictionary.   

Install enough lighting if you want to play at night. Make sure there’s enough ventilation too.

Have enough cushions and more than enough games to keep children engaged.  

The Sensory Fort

According to Health Status, children with ASD can enjoy all the fun in a trampoline fort. Instead of a room inside your house, you can transform your old trampoline into a unique sensory space for them.  

Also, many experts agree that jumping alone can improve sensory and balancing skills. In addition, the exercise will be great for children’s muscles.

To be sure, check with your doctor before you let autistic kids play on your fort.

When they get tired, your trampoline fort can be an excellent place for them to relax. Aside from pillows, you can add sensory bins, balls, and bubble tubes.

The Outdoor Den 

Create a new den for your kid or children. They may be toddlers, but they want some private space too. Many would like to draw or color away from the prying eyes of adults.

While doing so, they could hum or sing a song.

Children can claim ownership of a trampoline fort if they don’t have their rooms. They can throw a tea party or a get-together with stuffed toys as their guests.

They might even invite you to join them if you ask nicely!

Kidding aside, a bit of independence can help kids develop their learning and communication skills.

What Are the Other Things You Can Do in a Trampoline Fort?

Entertainment Center

It might take some time to set up. But, how about watching a new or favorite movie in a trampoline fort?

You could also host a singing or dance contest. Your neighbors wouldn’t mind children belting out their favorite tunes or gleefully dancing.

Have a Party

A trampoline fort doesn’t offer that much space. But, for a few kids, it will suffice if you plan to host a party.

It could also be the centerpiece for a backyard affair.

Make it a Dressing Room

Many kids would like to try on all their clothes. So turn your trampoline fort into a dressing room.

Add mirrors and lights. It’s an excellent way to discover which shirts or blouses your kids no longer like.

So, you can get rid of or donate their old clothing. Maybe you can time this to happen during your spring cleaning.

Live Theater Experience

Many kids like to act and not just pretend play, although it’s a thin line that divides those two things.

Turn your trampoline fort into a stage. Complete with props and costumes, a night at the family theater will be a night to remember!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you do a trampoline sleepover?

Here’s how to make sure your child’s trampoline sleepover is a night to remember:
First, set some ground rules with your child about who is invited and what time the sleepover will start and end. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the party stays safe.

Next, set up the trampoline in your backyard or another designated area. Make sure there is plenty of space around the sides so kids can climb on and off easily. If you have more than one trampoline, you can link them together to create an even bigger bounce house!

Now it’s time to get creative with the decorating. Hang streamers from the framework and add soft pillows and blankets for a cozy feel. For extra fun, set up a projector so kids can watch movies under the stars.

Finally, provide some simple snacks and drinks for when hunger strikes in the middle of the night. Popcorn, candy, and juice boxes are all sleepover staples.

Can you put a tent on a trampoline?

As it turns out, yes, you can put a tent on a trampoline! First, ensure your trampoline is big enough to comfortably fit your tent. Second, take the time to secure the tent so it doesn’t blow away in the wind. And finally, be sure to test it before you go camping to know everything is working properly.

How long does a trampoline last?

How long a trampoline lasts depends on several factors, including how often it is used, what kind of weather it is exposed to, and how well it is maintained. A trampoline that is used occasionally may last for ten years or more, while one used daily may only last for five years. Prolonged exposure to sun and rain can also shorten a trampoline’s lifespan, as can poor maintenance.

Wrapping it Up

These are some trampoline fort ideas. Indeed, you can come up with more.

If you have nice weather all year, a trampoline fort can be a permanent fixture in your backyard – until your kids get older.

When that time comes, it becomes your fort. Then, you can transform it into whatever you want.

But, for now, build it for your kids.

Until next time, readers!

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