About Us

Hey readers! This is Cam and Dee.

In our free time, we enjoy projects. Well, not exactly…more like DIY experiments. Finding out which techniques achieve the perfect combination of quality and efficiency. After all, why work hard when you can work smart, right?

Although we might not seem the type (One’s in digital marketing, the other’s a physical therapist), we bought our first house in early 2021. We started writing things down about the fixes we needed to make, which led to great opportunities to help out our readers, many of whom are in the same boat as we are.

Our goal is simple- provide you with all the tools you need to be the expert. In addition to finding you the best products, we have set out to provide comprehensive how-tos and answer all your questions. 

DIY Spotlight has been featured on FeedSpot’s Top 100 DIY Blogs list, and we hope to continue to increase our presence so that we can continue to help DIYers just like you!

So welcome to DIY Spotlight. Home improvement, reimagined.

DIY Spotlight