Best DEWALT Portable Band Saws of 2023

Updated 9/29/2022

Before diving into the best DEWALT portable band saws, you should know what to look for in a saw. There are many aspects that the best portable band saw should cover, each feature delivering optimum performance.

DEWALT is a common name in the construction sector. One of the top saw brands, this is a subsidiary of the famous Black and Decker and produces powerful tools.

When it comes to construction, it is true when I say that you will not find any better products than DEWALT.

Have you ever tried out a brand and liked its first product, however, were deeply disappointed by its second product? Such lack of consistency is shown by many companies and is exactly why many people fail to trust new brands.

This is exactly why DEWALT is the top choice of many industrial workers. Their products are known for being consistent all the way through.

Each DEWALT product has its unique features and specifications, but one thing remains consistent – high-quality performance.

Let’s check out a few of the best DEWALT portable band saws to see if they deliver the value they promise! 

I researched thoroughly and brought you all the basic features and their functions to increase your knowledge and help select the best portable band saw!

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What to Look for in the Best Band Saw


A motor is perhaps the most essential part of all electric devices as it determines the level of your device’s performance and its speed and power.

The motor is located under the table in all saws. The motor drives the belts that rotate the wheel.

These wheels drive the blade, so the more consistent and clean the belt works, the faster your machine is bound to function.

Another thing, the motor can be single or three-phase, which provides variety to your power, though I always prefer a three-phase motor. The power of the machine is determined not by a single characteristic by all of its features.


Since band saws are large machines and are difficult to move around, they are equipped with upper and lower wheels. Their radius determines the width of the blade – basically, the larger the wheel, the larger the blade will be. 

The wheels and the blade have a 3:2 ratio where the wheels are larger than the blade. If you find a machine with the same sized blades, remember that the result won’t be nearly as efficient as you want it to be.


Here is where the ‘band’ in the band saws comes from. The blade of these saw machines is also known as bands. These strips of toothed steel help you cut your objects.

Now, which blade should you choose? That’s going to depend on the kind of material you have to cut.

Thick materials like pipes require stronger and sharper blades, while normal ones suffice for wood.


Often brands go for lightweight models; however, they end up with weak shock-reacting tables. The structure of the saw and table should be made with such a material that is not only lightweight but more shock-resistant as well.

Preferably go for aluminum. Cast iron is also used and is excellent at reacting with shock. However, you’ll find that it is slightly heavier.

Range of Band Saw Speeds

Usually, bands offer two speeds within the range of 800 and 1000 meters per minute. The best would be the one that delivers high-quality performance in less time – that is, it should have more speed.

Band Saw Safety

Different band saws feature different safety options since working with saws is already such a risky business. Always check if the on/off switch is easy to locate.

Also, it would be even better if the machine provides an emergency shutdown switch in case of emergencies. 

The rubber and cork under the blades and motor should be fitted securely, and there should be no sharp ends popping out.

Safety should always be your #1 priority when getting such a device.

Best DEWALT Portable Band Saws

#1: DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw

The first on my list is none other than the DEWALT DWM120K portable saw. This saw is a little different than most other DEWALT portable band saws since it offers various features.

But the basic features remain the same as those in a traditional bandsaw. The difference is the higher quality due to the exceptional DEWALT construction and the smaller package.

Excellent Design

If you’re looking for something firm, secure and smooth to work with, the DEWALT DWM120K is your product. This is all possible due to the smart weight distribution and the saw’s 15 lb weight. 

The design of this DEWALT portable saw is meant for everyday construction workers who work long hours, as the ergonomic handles provide superior grip and control along with comfort.

The front handle of the DWM120K is easily adjustable, which helps when cutting at odd angles.


A powerful 10 amp motor accompanies the DWM120K. IT relies on a cord instead of a battery pack, which has both advantages as well as disadvantages.

The cord limits mobility; however, having a direct source means more power. This means the saw can be used not only on wood but on much more resistant materials as well.

Multiple Settings

The motor also comes along with two different speeds. You have the 300 SFM setting for tougher jobs, and for slower jobs, you have the 100 SFM option. This comes in handy when cutting different types of metals.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of the DWM120K is impossible to match, even by its colleagues. Usually, thick pieces like 5-inch round or rectangular stocks are hard to accommodate.

However, this band saw allows you to adjust them easily, giving you much more versatility. 

Other Traits

Construction isn’t an ideal job because it often has to be done in dark and difficult situations as well. Since you never know how the situation will turn out or which setting you will have to work in, an extra-bright LED light is installed.

An extra hex wrench and saw kit are also included to increase efficiency. 

What We Like

  • Affordable price
  • High-quality construction
  • Sharp blade

What We Don’t Like

  • Large space between bearings
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#2: DEWALT DCS374B Portable Band Saw 

The next on my list is the DEWALT DCS374B. But honestly, I have never seen a bandsaw as good as the DEWALT DCS374B. This deep-cut bandsaw will undoubtedly make your experience better than ever!

Let’s look at the DEWALT DCS374B features to find out if the performance is as good as they say!


The 20 Volt Max XR motor provides high-quality brushless performance and ensures deep and clean cuts every time. The best part of the motor is its ease of use. The machine promises optimum versatility that guarantees variable speed.

The dials make it easy to operate.

Power Source

For even more versatility and ease, the bandsaw is both electrically and battery-powered. The battery is cordless, but you can charge it while using it, which turns it into the best corded portable band saw.

The DEWALT max band runs by a 20v and a 5.0 Ah FLEXVOLT DEWALT battery. It will cost you a little extra, as you will have to purchase the battery separately.


The 44-⅞ length blade, along with the 4-¾ inches round blade, can cut even the toughest 5-inches frame easily. The cutting speed is extraordinary, which enables you to cut pipes, iron, and steel in the blink of an eye. 


Although bandsaws are usually really large and difficult to move around, this bandsaw barely weighs anything, making it lightweight.

The saw weighs only 12.5 lbs, suitable to be carried anywhere.

The secret behind its lightweight construction is the magnesium housing and smart built that saves space.


When comparing all the DEWALT portable band saws, you might be surprised to find out that this DEWALT creation is the most affordable amongst all the others.

The performance, unlike its price, is very high-quality. Getting such a cheap portable band saw for such a low price is no less than a miracle.

Added Features

The DEWALT DCS374B bandsaw has an LED light working with a 20 seconds delay. You can work in just about any kind of setting without worrying about electricity. 


Warranty is indeed the first thing to consider when it comes to products like these. Products like these are generally under a much higher risk of breaking due to the high pressure.

In such a situation, nothing sounds better than a long 3-year warranty. You can be worry-free and work with a clear mind!

What We Like

  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Easy and fast cutting
  • The extended band saw blades.

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery and charger not included
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#3: DEWALT DCS371P1 Portable Band Saw

Next, we say bienvenue to the DEWALT DCS371P1 portable band saw! If you’re looking for a light and portable band saw to work with, this is your pick.

You can work for extended periods without the DCS371P1 overheating or wearing out. 

Sometimes space allows for corded actions. Other times, it calls for cordless ones. For this reason, DEWALT offers both cordless and cord saws.

The cordless DCS371P1 offers hassle-free performance anywhere!

Innovative Design

The DEWALT DCS371P1 manual and electrical saw are designed with an integrated hang hook. Most machines have such a hook to allow you to hang this while cutting.

The ergonomic soft-grip handle makes the DCS371P1 easy to hold and will not tire out your hand while working.

Ease of Use

There is no difficulty in using brand-new machines, but when you decide to tweak it up a bit, things get tricky. Changing the blade is super simple with this model with the help of the tool-free lever. You can move it to adjust and change the blade in case it gets broken.


The machine is super powerful as it provides a punch of power with its motor that delivers 740 FPM. This enables you to cut through even the hardest pipe swiftly.

Additional Features

When it comes to additional features, each DEWALT product has better specifications than its previous model. It has a large faceplate that keeps your objects in place against the blade.

The automatic LED light shines light while working even in the darkest space like all other SEWALTmodels. 

What We Like

  • Impressive power
  • Excellent neat cut
  • Long runtime

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly costly
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#4: DEWALT DCS371B Portable Band Saw

We end our list with the DEWALT DCS371B Band Saw. The DCS371B is known for superior balance and ergonomics with a blade that can easily cut even the hardest surface.

This band saw is designed to create the utmost durability and product efficiency. The hook and blade tracking adjustment is perhaps its best feature and increases the handle, base, and blade life.


This DEWALT portable band saw has a 20V MAX battery, has a runtime of up to 8x more than that of standard batteries, and has the ability to provide top-notch performance.

Cut Capacity

DEWALT does not lack when it comes to providing high-quality blade performance. This is evident with the included solid 2-½” cutting capacity in the DCS371B model.

Bearing Blade Rollers

The durable, sturdy bearing roller blades design will protect both the blades and material you’re cutting through and increase the quality of your work. It will protect the blade from wearing out and save you both time and money spent on replacements.

Ergonomic Design

The back handle contains a soft grip, which is quite ergonomic, which provides comfort and flexibility when used.

Blade Tracking Adjustment

A feature that is not found very often is the blade tracking adjustment. This allows for increased blade tracking while working.

Keeping track of the wear and tear and durability of your blade can drastically increase its overall lifespan!

What We Like

  • Compact design
  • Powerful performance
  • Affordable price

What We Don’t Like

  • Weak safety features
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a portable band saw cut metal?

While many people assume that a band saw is only suitable for woodworking, the truth is that it can be an invaluable tool for anyone who works with metal. The key to successful metal cutting with a band saw is using the right blade type. There are a variety of blades available that are specifically designed for cutting metal, and these should be used whenever possible. In addition, it is important to use lubrication when cutting metal with a band saw, as this will help to prevent the blade from overheating and getting damaged.

How do you cut straight with a portable band saw?

While it may seem simple, cutting straight with a portable band saw can be challenging, especially when working with long pieces of material. The key is to use a guide. A guide helps keep the blade in a straight line, ensuring that your cut is straight. To use a guide, simply align it with the mark you want to cut and follow the line as you move the blade back and forth.

What would you use a portable band saw for?

Its portability makes it ideal for use in tight spaces, and its powerful motor makes it capable of completing even the most challenging cuts. In addition, a portable band saw can be fitted with a variety of blade types, meaning that it can be used for everything from woodworking to metalwork.

Can you resaw with a portable band saw?

Resawing is the process of cutting a piece of lumber into thinner pieces, and it can be done with a portable band saw if the right blade is used. The ideal blade for resawing is thin and has fewer teeth per inch, which helps to prevent the blade from binding in the cut. In addition, it’s important to use a steady feed rate and take shallow cuts to avoid putting too much stress on the blade.

Does DEWALT make a stationary band saw?

Yes. The DEWALT DWM120K is a powerful and capable band saw that is well-suited for use in a stationary setting. It features a 10-amp motor that can handle even the toughest cutting jobs, and its cast iron construction helps to minimize vibrations.

Wrapping it Up

DEWALT portable band saws are the best in the business. With various features and options to choose from, there is a perfect saw for every project. Whether you’re a professional contractor or just starting in DIY projects, DEWALT has the right band saw for you. Thanks for reading this post on the best DEWALT portable band saws!

My favorite among these was the DEWALT DCS371B. Which one was yours? 

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