Snow Joe/Sun Joe Pressure Washers Review

Updated 8/6/2021

Snow Joe has since long established its name as a brand that offers a full range of garden and lawn tools that have always been superior in quality but that will never be hard on the wallet.

Ever since its inception in 2004, this is a company that has remained on the top as far as providing high quality with the products that it has managed to churn out.

Despite the fact that they offer their items at a much cheaper rate, customers can rest assured that this is a brand that can be trusted where excellence in performance goes.

Consumers expect them to offer not only a wide variety of equipment that will easily meet their cleaning needs but those that are expected to be within their budget too.

If you are looking for the right pressure washer for your home cleaning needs, the choices you have below will be worth exploring.

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The Snow Joe SPX3000 is an electric power washer that features an 1800 Watt 14.5 Amp Motor, which makes it perfect for cleaning the grime and dirt out of your home.

It is most useful for cleaning almost anything around the house, from the cemented lawn to the house siding, to the truck, and even the equipment in your backyard.

SNOW JOE SPX3000 Features


The unit has a dual tank system for detergents. Different cleaning agents can be simultaneously filled on the dual tanks. It is also removable. Filling the detergent is easier. Switches can be used when switching from one detergent tank to the other.


This product comes with an extension spray wand that measures 34 inches long. This makes it easier to blast water within a specific stretch. It makes it easier to clean hard to reach spots as well.


The device features a pressure hose of 20 feet in length and a power cord that measures 35 feet. These features make it possible for longer reach when doing high pressure cleaning.


Cleaning can now be tailored to your specific needs with the presence of these five nozzles. They are easily interchangeable as well with choices from 1, 15, 25, and 40 degrees to soap.


The equipment has a feature that will shut the machine’s motor off automatically when the trigger is disengaged. This does make the device a lot safer.

What We Like

  • Great value for money: At a low price, you are getting an equipment that can compete with other top brands that are much pricier out there.
  • Easier to switch detergents: No need to have to load a different detergent with the dual tank system. Switching is easy with the press of a switch too.
  • Nozzles can be used to fit your cleaning needs: It is easy to switch nozzles to fit the kind of pressure or power washing that you need. There are five options to select from.
  • Longer cord yet tangle free: Despite longer cords, the equipment comes with a cord lock system to ensure that it will not easily get tangled.

What We Don’t Like

  • Assembly might take longer: The device does not come with an instruction for assembly. It can be hard to figure out by inexperienced users.
  • Plastic adapter: The plastic material can be quite hard to connect sometimes. There is a good chance that it may leak at times.


Despite the little downsides here and there, it is really hard to fault the Snow Joe SPX3000. This is definitely one product that is loaded with features. At the price that it is offered, one can truly say that he is getting more than just a good deal with this one.

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The Snow Joe SPX2000 is a pressure washer that comes with a 1500 watt motor with 12.5 amp. This is a device that provides 1740 PSI, which makes it more powerful than the SPX1000. As a result, it is being priced higher than its predecessor as well.

SNOW JOE SPX2000 Features


The 1500 Watt and 12.5 Amp motor makes it ideal for doing medium duty cleaning. It also contains a 35-foot power cord that can be plugged into any household outlet.


The equipment automatically shuts off when the trigger is not being used. It is ideal for saving both water and energy. It is ideal for prolonging the motor life as well. Longer pauses are also possible with the on and off switch.


The device weighs 17.4 pounds only. It is easy to store and to move around as well.


Water pressure is easily controlled through twisting the nozzles. The nozzles can be adjusted from gentle towards intense.


The equipment comes with a 2-year warranty to better protect the investment.

What We Like

  • Lightweight: Expect the equipment to be very easy to carry around. It is quite lightweight and very easy to move from one point to another around the house.
  • Has plenty of water pressure: It does have the necessary water pressure that will make it an ideal choice it comes to various cleaning projects.
  • Reasonable price: Buyers will find that the deal is quite good as far as the price goes. It may not be as powerful as heavy duty ones, but it is definitely priced quite competitively.
  • Warranty is quite good: Buyers will feel more assured that they are getting something good from the warranty that the product offers.

What We Like

  • Instructions may be hard to follow: A lot of people have been complaining about how hard it is for beginners to really understand how to get the unit assembled.
  • Water hose is made from plastic: Some users might actually feel that this makes the product a little unreliable. Plastic can easily leak if not handled right, after all.


There are certainly other products in the market that may be lesser priced than the Snow Joe SPX2000. However, one will recognize that at its current price range, what they’re getting in return is more than the value of the money they’re spending. Thus, making this one of the must-haves as far as water pressure equipment goes.

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Snow Joe SPX1000 Review

You will never really want to get your cleaning done the old-fashioned way again. With the Snow Joe SPX1000 pressure washer, there is no longer a need for you to have to rely on your good old garden hose anymore.

This is just the kind of electric pressure washer that every household needs to get results at par with that of a professional cleaner and in such a short span of time too.

SNOW JOE SPX1000 Features


A lot of people tend to complain about the safety of using pressure washers at home. This one is equipped with some neat safety features. Here, the trigger is designed where it is prevented from accidentally engaging when used.


This is an equipment that boasts of a Motor with 11.5 Amp and 1400 Watts. It is the ideal choice when it comes to lightweight cleanings jobs to eve medium duty ones.


This feature ensures that the equipment shuts off automatically while the trigger is not in use. This is perfect towards prolonging motor life and conserving energy too.


The twist nozzle that the equipment is designed with can be used to control the water pressure from gentle towards intense. Users will be able to choose from zero degree for the pencil point jet up to the fan spray of forty five degrees.

What We Like

  • Good all-around cleaning device: this is a pressure washer that should be a staple in every home due to how reliabilities for those light to medium duty cleaning tasks.
  • Safe to use: The manufacturers of the device certainly had the users’ safety in mind when they designed it. The fact that it has trigger lock ensures that it will not be operated while there is a safety lock on the trigger.
  • The trigger has to be depressed in order for the machine to work: This means that one will not have to constantly worry about the motor running all the time. The fact that it shuts off automatically when the trigger is released can definitely save a lot on power and on energy. It lends to a longer lifespan for the motor too.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not ideal for heavy duty cleaning: This is an equipment that is not really made for those intense pressure washing tasks. Hence, users need to bear in mind that it is only perfect for the less intense cleaning works around the house.
  • For cold water pressure washing only: the device is not designed for using hot water on it. It is important that the water temperature will not go over 104F, but not below 32F as well.
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If you are looking for a reliable all-around pressure washer that will make many of your light outdoor cleaning tasks quicker and easier, look no further. Snow Joe SPX1000 is definitely the ideal choice for you.

People who are looking for more powerful washers will be slightly disappointed with the fact that the product is not made for that. Considering how much it is priced and how much it can do though, this is definitely one very worthy deal for any buyer to get.

Wrapping it Up

When it comes to the various cleaning jobs that need to be done around the house, it is always important that you pick out the right pressure washer for the task.

What is good with the offering that Snow Joe/Sun Joe currently has though is that they have something for every cleaning need you have at home.

The equipment that they have on sale for their consumers are devices that are designed to be most useful in many of the outdoor cleaning jobs that are common in many homes.

Versatility is a very important part of the checklist that many a pressure washer buyer has.

Add to that the fact that Snow Joe/Sun Joe has been a brand that has long been associated with quality products, excellent performance, and very affordable prices, it is not really a wonder why the public has continued to give them the thumbs-up after all these years.

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