Simpson 3200 PSI Pressure Washer Review

Updated 5/4/2021

Combining the strength of a commercial-grade Honda engine with an industrial triplex pump, a strong, welded steel frame, and a design that promotes ease of use and convenience, the Simpson PowerShot 3200 pressure washer is unique among its peers.

Delivering a staggering 3200 PSI output, this gas-powered pressure washer is ideal for wood restoration, paint removal, deck cleaning, and a host of other professional cleaning tasks.

Simpson 3200 PSI Pressure Washer Review

Before purchasing even the products that feature the best pressure washing technology, it can be essential to take a closer look at exactly what they have to offer.

Here are a few of the most important features you can get when buying the Simpson PowerShot 3200 pressure washer…

  • The machine features a commercial grade Honda OHV engine, which is the source of its staggering power.
  • The Simpson’s structural integrity will hold for years, as the unit was reinforced with a steel axel and frame, as well as a solid steel engine plate and durable pneumatic tires.
  • Its commercial-grade, highly durable pressure pump comes with Simpson’s unique PowerBoost technology (as does the Simpson 3100 PSI) which delivers significantly higher pressure at the nozzle than a washer equipped with a standard design and the same type of engine.
  • You get a reliable spray arm with 0. 15: 25 and 40-degree stainless steel nozzle tips. A soap applicator is also included.
  • The hose measures 5/16’’ x 25’, and it is provided along with easy connectors for convenience.

What We Like

There aren’t many pressure washers similar to the Simpson PowerShot 3200 pressure washer. While its cost is somewhat higher than the cheapest pressure washers out there, its durability, pressure output, convenience, and energy efficiency fully compensate for that.

Compared to electric pressure washers and conventional units used in a car wash, the PowerShot definitely has the upper hand in terms of power, speed, and efficiency.

This is mainly due to the well-designed Honda motor, which is quite reliable and delivers superior results even under difficult circumstances.

Some of the more unique and special benefits that the PowerShot washer also presents include its non-marring, kink-resistant pressure hose, its unique, quiet, and highly efficient pump design, and the safety lock, which prevents the gun from being activated by mistake.

What We Don’t Like

Before buying the Simpson PowerShot 3200 pressure washer, it can be important to keep some of its negative aspects into account as well:

  • Considered to be a minor design flaw, the placement of the hose connector in close proximity to the exhaust has caused a few reviewers to point out the fact that it’s somewhat difficult to use the machine safely because of this problem.
  • Also, a number of people have complained about the fact that the pressure washer’s hose looks and feels somewhat flimsy and may not be able to cope with high-pressure requirements. Of course, if you want to be certain, you can always replace it.

Wrapping it Up

Despite these problems, the pressure washer is considered by many to be one of the most efficient high-end washers you can buy at a relatively good price.

Without a doubt, the Simpson PowerShot 3200 pressure washer can be regarded as an indispensable tool for cleaning professionals and has proved its worth as a durable, powerful, and quite a compact unit.

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