How to Clean the Gutter & Sidewalls with a Pressure Washer

Updated 4/2/2022

Your house needs to be clean all time both inside and outside because cleanliness and proper hygiene can prevent you from all kinds of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Aside from that, your house will look more inviting and attractive which can add to its aesthetic beauty.

In order to have a fresher and brand-new looking house, you need to clean the exterior surfaces of your house by using an electric pressure washer. This can help you clean the high surfaces easier.

Precautionary Measures Before Cleaning Your House

When cleaning your entire house, the last thing you wish to happen is being injured when having general cleaning on the exterior of your house.

There some instances that you might damage some surfaces or the worst harm yourself if you will not use your pressure washer properly.

The first thing you need to secure is your eye protection. It is crucial to use this in order to avoid some debris from entering into your eyes while you are cleaning.

Of course, you need to move away from the ladders when cleaning because you might lose your balance due to the pressure of the water. It is better to use extension wands in reaching higher surfaces rather than using a ladder.

When you clean the outside parts of your house, you need to avoid power lines as well. There power lines that are connected along the different edges of their house, so before cleaning the area, keep away from power lines to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Most importantly, you need to check if the area is clear from any kind of materials such as bikes, toys, chairs, and more in order to avoid tripping over these materials and might cause further damages as well as injuries.

Cleaning Different Types of House Siding

The only difference in cleaning various kinds of house siding is the detergent you need to use. There are many kinds of detergents you can use in cleaning them.

Just make sure that you are using the detergent that is recommended by the manufacturers so that you can ensure the cleanliness you want to achieve.

For vinyl siding, you need to check if there are damages in the siding before you pressure wash it. If you can notice some cuts or damages, you need to immediately repair it.

This precautionary measure should be applied to all kinds of house siding. So before cleaning your house siding you need to check everything first for to identify some damages which may lead to greater destructions in the future.

Steps to Pressure Washing Your House Siding

After checking all the necessary things you need to do, you can start cleaning your house siding while using the electric pressure washer.

The first thing you need to do is grab your pressure washer and find the right location where you can properly use it as well as where you can move freely.

Follow all the necessary precautionary measures mentioned above. Search the area and locate the electric wiring so that you avoid washing it. It is important to avoid electric wiring so that you can prevent any accidents in the future.

Of course, before applying any detergent to your house siding, you need to take note what kind of house siding you are using so that you can find the suitable detergent.

Apply the detergent on one side starting from the bottom up. You need to let the detergent absorb all the dirt and dust for about five to ten minutes.

Afterward, you can wash out the detergents by using your electric pressure washer from top to bottom. Always remember to keep enough distance from the surface so that you can control the pressure of the water. Let it dry for some time.

While letting it dry, you can start cleaning the other side of your house siding. Just do the same steps on the other side of your side.

After cleaning both sides, you can now look at your siding and the results of your hard work.

Steps to Pressure Washing Your Gutters

It is important to pressure wash your gutters every season because it can clear the drainage and allows the water to flow smoothly from your roof down to your pipes and lastly to the storm drains.

If you don’t clean your gutters, there is a higher possibility that your yard will overflow due to your clogged gutters.

The first thing you need to secure is eye protection, and attach the necessary extension wand so that you can reach your gutter. Then you can start pressure washing it.

If you are having problems cleaning these exteriors by yourself, you may opt to contact some people who do the work for you.

Just make sure you can trust the people you want to work with so that you will avoid some costly insurance should an accident.

Always follow all the precautionary safety measures before cleaning your house siding and gutters.

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