Essential Tips for Pressure Washer Maintenance

Updated 5/4/2021

Cleaning can be done easier and more quickly by using a pressure washer. It helps you do your entire cleaning job, but this cleaning machine needs some cleaning too.

The maintenance of pressure washers depends on what type you have- gas-operated or electric pressure washers. It is very important to have regular cleaning maintenance on your pressure washer in order to keep them in good shape.

If you have difficulty in cleaning it, you may read the manual provided by the manufacturer or you may read through this article. You can find useful tips on how to clean your pressure washers so that it can help you properly in your cleaning jobs.

Before Using Your Pressure Washer

There are some simple instructions that will keep you reminded about the things you need to do before cleaning any surfaces while using pressure washer.

If you are using gasoline operated pressure washer, you need to check the fuel and oil levels to make sure it is top-fill but do not overfill it.

Check the inlet screen where you will place your water. If it is dirty make sure to clean it first and if damaged you need to replace it already.

Afterward, you need to check the spray gun, stray tip, and wand extensions and make sure that they are properly intact. You need to inspect the pressure washer hose to check if it has leaks, abrasions, cuts, or bulges.

If you can notice some damages to it, you need to replace it and should not attempt to repair it anymore. It will only cause more trouble or the worst some accidents if you keep on using damaged parts of your pressure washer.

The next thing to inspect is the detergent tank tube. You need to check if it is dirty or clogged. If so, clean it first before pouring your detergent.

Always remember to only use detergents that are recommended and approved by the manufacturer of your pressure washer in order to avoid further damages to your detergent tank.

After Using Your Pressure Washer

Of course, you need to do something right after you used your pressure washer in order to maintain its good condition. You don’t want to damage any parts of it and invest some money in repairs and replacements.

So, it is better to keep it clean all the time right after using. After using it, you need to remove the detergent inside the detergent tank by spraying low-pressure water on it for about one or two minutes.

After that, turn off your pressure washer immediately as well as your water supply. You need to cool down your pressure washer first before keeping it in dry and secure storage.

Make sure to place your pressure washer in a place where you can easily find it which is not wet and cannot be reached by children and pets.

Maintenance for Gas Operated Pressure Washers

If you are using gasoline operated pressure washer, you really need to do a lot of maintenance, as opposed to an electric pressure washer.

When you clean your pressure washer, make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated area so that you will not trap the smell of oil and fuel.

After using, make sure to remove the spark plug and ensure that there is no debris inside the combustion chamber.

Next, inspect the air filter. If it is already dirty and clogged, replaced it as soon as possible. You need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers when taking care of your fuel system.

It is important to follow these instructions from the manufacturers so that you will avoid doing something that might cause any damage to your pressure washer.

Make sure to use oil and fuel that is new and not more than 30 days from your purchase.

This is because the gas you have bought from gas stations that are more than 30 days from purchase can cause corrosions in your fuel systems.

There are some specifications that your manufacturer will recommend fuel stabilizers, and it would be in your best interest to adhere to them as closely as possible.

So Which Pressure Washer Should I Buy?

If you are just planning to buy, choose an electric pressure washer because it is more suitable for delicate pressure washing jobs in the home, like cleaning area rugs..

Most of all, you don’t need to have higher and thorough maintenance on it. Moreover, some of the pressure washer manufacturers are recommending that their customers purchase electric pressure washers because it is more handy and safe to use.

There are a lot of companies that are selling any kind of pressure washer starting from light duty up to heavy-duty pressure washers.

Just make sure that you are buying from a reputable company so that you can ensure the warranty of your purchase.

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