Best Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washers Guide

Updated 8/6/2021

If you are concerned about keeping your house clean, then the Briggs and Stratton pressure washer will be a familiar name to you. Ever since its inception, it has been working towards keeping your house clean.

Since there is pollution and dirt everywhere, it is essential that we do our bit to maintain cleanliness. These best electric pressure washers are ideal for these situations. You can take them outside, on rough terrain and these smart machines will do the work for you.

Be it the driveways, the sidewalks, fences, gardens, patio furniture, or even the car that has accumulated a buildup of dirt, the pressure washers can reach every single corner quickly and efficiently. These can deliver 75 times more power than an ordinary garden hose.

Before you come to a decision of purchasing one of these, we have presented to you some of the best from the house of Briggs and Stratton pressure washer.

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The BRIGGS & STRATTON S1800 is one of the most efficient and powerful pressure washers you will find in the market. It provides you with medium-duty power that can clean the toughest corners of the house and outdoors with ease.

The BRIGGS & STRATTON S1800 is also known to consume 80% less water compared to usual situations. The fold-down handle makes it easy to carry it outside for outdoor works.

The wheels are also strong enough to handle stress. Add to that, the additional storage compartments which make cleaning an easy process for you.

Featuring a powerful engine, the 20-foot hose of this pressure washer will allow you to go the distance, quite literally, while engaging in cleaning the outdoors of the house.

The BRIGGS & STRATTON S1800 pressure washer also comes with an Easy Start technology that makes it more convenient for use and the integrated detergent tank cleans everything efficiently.

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2. Briggs & Stratton 3400 MAX PSI

The 3400 PSI feature of the Briggs & Stratton 3400 MAX PSI pressure washer alone is indicative of its power and effectiveness. It is most suited for outdoor cleaning jobs, like patio furniture, driveways, sidewalks.

The Briggs & Stratton 3400 MAX PSI pressure washer is great for cleaning vehicles like cars, trucks, and boats. The 250-CC engine is known for producing 11.50-foot lbs of gross torque.

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3. Briggs & Stratton 020681

The last one in the list of the best pressure washers from Briggs & Stratton is the Briggs & Stratton 020681, which is capable of handling most tough outdoor cleaning jobs.

It comes with 4 quick-connect spray tips that help in spraying the water and detergent more easily.

The portability of the Briggs & Stratton 020681 also makes it a very popular pressure washer. This is best demonstrated by the 6-inch wheels which are strong and sturdy in appearance and functions.

You can take this electric pressure washer outside and utilize its mobility without hassles. The 25-foot long hose will allow you to engage in most long-distance cleaning jobs.

Also, unlike some other machines, this pressure washer is relatively soundless. The Briggs & Stratton 020681 works quietly, handling the tough jobs without creating much noise.

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Wrapping it Up

So, as we have seen, Briggs & Stratton has been a popular name in electric pressure washers as far as cleaning jobs are concerned. These effective pressure washers can go a long way in doing the job for you.

With this review of some of the products from this brand, we hope you have been able to come to a conclusion.

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